What is “Talk About Town”?

Talk About Town is a series of live debates with a presenter, a panel and an audience. We introduce a subject and then give you, the audience, a voice. The events are conducted mostly in English.

We use a panel of local business people or experts, depending on the subject.

The subjects we talk about could be something topical and in the news or a theme that is relevant to your evening. Our job is to make it as lively and entertaining as possible. The audience is important and we encourage debate, discussion and even if things get a little heated, we don’t mind. this is the place that gives you a voice.

We will always make sure that we round up in a positive way. We want everyone to enjoy the experience and to tell others all about us.

So look out, Talk About Town could be coming to your area soon.

If you wish to host an event, contact us by email: anna@therivierawoman.com

In our first debate we asked: ‘Where do you call home?‘ Many people from all over the world choose to live in another country for part or all of the year. What drives people to become expats? Are we seeking a lifestyle, a better way of living, are we returning to homelands? But the question is where do we call home? A report of the event can be found here.