Be a Better You… Health * Harmony * Happiness

An evening to inspire Health * Harmony * Happiness

Friday 4th March 2016

For our second Talk About Town our subject, “A Better You”, was all about wellness. Our panel – see below – are specialists in naturopathy, essential oils, haircare and yoga fitness, but this is of course a huge subject and we sought contributions from all present.

Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. It can be seen as a luxury pursuit for the more affluent societies, because it involves managing the body state after the basic needs of food, shelter and basic medical care have already been met. However, it also deals with the adverse side-effects of living in those same societies, such as over-eating, lack of exercise and exposure to unhealthy environments.

The event was held at the Cinema Cristallo in Dolceacqua and the evening started with a selection of antipasti misti  and drinks provided by our generous sponsors.

The entrance fee of €10 included a raffle ticket and 6 prizes were donated by our speakers:

  • 1. Consultation or treatment with Elizabeth Bright
    2. 3 x 5 ml Essential Oils from Angela Collings
    3. 2 x Yoga Tickets at the Monte Carlo Bay with Anette Shine
    4. Hair treatment and styling with Bio Hair for 3 lucky people

The discussion and demonstrations were followed by the film ‘The Hundred-Foot Journey‘, starring Helen Mirren .

Our Panel

Anna Fill
Anna Fill

Anna Fill is a born communicator and has always been passionate about giving people a voice. She created The Riviera Woman website as a platform to promote women living and working on the French and Italian Riviera. Anna studied theatre, music and drama. She spent over 3 years as a sports presenter with the BBC in London and then created her own entertainments company. Anna was UK’s first female mobile DJ and ran a local radio station serving the community in North London.

Presently, as well as The Riviera Woman and Talk About Town, Anna runs the expat group Britalia in Italy.

You can always email Anna at:

Elizabeth Bright

Elizabeth Bright was born in New York City and is now a practicing Naturopath and Osteopath in Sanremo. She learnt to understand the unity of body and mind, which informs her natural medicine treatment today. Whilst working in a restaurant Elizabeth connected the food we enjoy as pleasure to its both beneficial and damaging effect on health. At the event Elizabeth talked about how best we fuel our bodies. More

Angela Collings

Angela Collings is from Switzerland. Following a career as a nurse and Yacht Captain, Angela found her passion for Essential Oils during her pregnancy with her first child. She uses the Oils and Products every day and wants to share her passion and show the importance and benefits of using pure top quality Essential Oils and chemical free Products. More

Christian Marchesi

Christian Marchesi was born in Alassio. He is a professional hair stylist and makeup artist and owner of the hair salon ‘Bio Hair’ in Ventimiglia. Christian is also qualified in Ayurvedic therapy. Christian promotes bio hair products and gave a quick demonstration on how to make your hair look good in a short time. More

Anette Shine

Anette Shine was born in Denmark and has been in Monaco for over 20 years. Anette created her company Sunshine Yoga Monte Carlo in order to radiate perfect harmony through yoga and to help you empower life to the fullest. Anette is constantly featured on The Riviera Woman. Anette talked about the importance of yoga and demonstrated some easy moves that everyone can do. More


Cinema Cristallo (Venue), Enoteca (Wine), Zafferano (Food)

CinemaCristallo  Enoteca



 Thank you also to Monica Buscaglia, for helping with communication.

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  1. Such a lovely evening Anna ,thank you for all your hard work to put on such an interesting and informative evening! I look forward when I go back home to hear of all your events and information to help me in my new journey to good health and well being.

  2. What an enjoyable evening! Right from the start, when the smell of freshly-cooked appetisers followed us through the doors as we carried in the trays. And once opened the contents didn’t disappoint: Ristorante Zafferano did a superb job with some interesting twists. Thank you Arianna and Dan! Also to Fulvio and the Enoteca for supplying the prosecco.

    I dragged myself almost reluctantly away from the food to the main event, but I needn’t have worried. We’ve published all the comments we received, and yes, they are all so complimentary; we’re not making any of this up. Anna’s choice of panellists was inspired; four people from very different specialisms, not all of whom had even met before the evening but who nonetheless gelled at once; they could have been practising for months, so smoothly they worked together. The synergy was amazing and the personalities totally complementary. Anna wove her usual magic as master of ceremonies, starting with an inspirational introduction then keeping the event moving at a comfortable pace.

    Elisabeth Bright, from the USA and now based in Sanremo, displayed a powerful understanding of the key factors in diet and health, showing us that much can be achieved simply by making the right choices with no need for expensive supplements. The level of professional knowledge she displayed was awe-inspiring.

    Angela Collings, from Switzerland, gave us what amounted to a foundation course in just what essential oils are and what they can do. Assisted at times by the other panellists and by samples passed round the audience, she demonstrated the power of the scents carried by these oils in helping the body maintain itself properly and correct imbalances.

    Anette Shine, from Denmark, showed this complete yoga novice – and maybe others in the room – that yoga can be not just healthy but actually fun when practised in a group guided by an expert with such passion and zest for life. We laughed and chuckled our way through a succession of exercises, some of which you can see in the photos.

    Christian Marchesi, the only male and the only Italian on the panel, is billed as a hair stylist but this is only the start. He is truly an expert in the whole field of trichology, starting quite literally at the roots. He gave a fascinating talk explaining how important it is to take care of the scalp (as he said, your hair is already dead so there’s little you can do to improve it; instead let’s work on growing better hair). At the same time his colleague Flavio from their salon in Ventimiglia gave a demonstration of scalp massage on a lucky volunteer.

    The time passed all too quickly. It was a privilege to be in the company of experts such as these, and I for one would not miss a chance to attend a re-run should that happen one day. The evening finished with a showing of The Hundred Foot Journey, a Lasse Hallstrom film starring Helen Mirren as an uptight French Michelin-starred restaurateur faced with an Indian family opening a curry house across the street. The film is a warm-hearted study of how initial hostility gradually turns to respect and affection, and was the perfect finale to the evening.

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